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OceanSide Doctors

A Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice RPG

A Greys Anatomy/Private Practice Role Play
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What happens when Mark Sloane decides to leave Seattle and join a certain redhead in L.A. ?

1.You MUST post as your character! Therefore, make a new LJ specifically for the character you are playing

2.If you are a new member, please post an 'ABOUT ME' in oceanside_ooc with your contact info and a little personal information

3.When you join the community, please make sure you join the ooc community

4.If you no longer wish to participate please post in oceanside_ooc so we know what's going on in the role play.

5.Please NO promotions for other communities, unless they are relevant to the show and or the cast. These posts should only be posted in oceanside_ooc

6.Get into your character! Show emotion and interest in your character that keeps the RP alive and going.

7.Post as the character you're playing just as you would in your personal journal.

8.We aren't going to tell you what to post and how to post it. That you have to come up with yourself.

9.You should post as frequently as you can. While we will accept a few days of not posting we don't recommend it and anything longer then that let us know by posting how long you will be gone in ooc community.

10.If you join you are agreeing to post regularly.

11.There is an age requirment. You must be at least 17yrs. old to be a member here due to any NC-17 material that may be written here.